• Announcing Webrecorder and DAT Integration

    After the major UI overhaul in June, which introduced new narrative and curatorial capabilities to Webrecorder, the Webrecorder team has been exploring how to improve the sharing and distribution of web archives. In addition to high-fidelity capture and replay, sharing and distribution of web archives in a decentralized way has always been a core goal of Webrecorder. A few years ago, we’ve launched the Webrecorder Player, a desktop tool that allows users to browse any...

  • Collaborating with the UK Web Archive to improve pywb

    We are thrilled to announce that we’ll be collaborating with the British Library to create a prototype for them to test pywb as the new replay engine for the UK Web Archive. Following up on our release of pywb 2.0 we will be making additional improvements to pywb to support the UK Web Archive use case. All of the work will be open source and the bulk of the work will be part of a...

  • Announcing pywb 2.0 release!

    We’re happy to announce that an updated release of pywb, the Python open-source web archiving engine that powers Webrecorder has finally been released! The 2.0 release of pywb represents a major refactoring and improvement of pywb, which has become the core engine that powers much of Webrecorder’s functionality. New documentation is also available! Initially, pywb started out as “Python Wayback” machine but has grown into a flexible, customizable framework for creating and replaying web archives....

  • We're hiring, join us!

    Want to help us make Webrecorder better and work on an exciting open source project with a small, distributed team? We are hiring a Senior Backend Developer Candidates from traditionally underrepresented groups in tech are especially encouraged to apply! We’ve extended the deadline by a few days, please apply by Friday, January 19th, 2018 (For those that have already applied, Thank You! We’ll be getting back to everyone in the next two weeks).

  • First Post, Webrecorder Grant Announcement

    We’re thrilled to announce that the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Awards Rhizome $1 Million for Further Development of Webrecorder. We’re also starting this dev and product blog to provide updates on upcoming new features and technical development of the project. Stay Tuned!